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Step 1: Beginning(s)

October 2017 was the beginning of an exciting journey … Selling my house, packing up the car (and the cat) and leaving a small-town life for London to carry out a Masters in Arts Management. December 2019, Masters achieved, I was faced with beginning a new career in the arts. January 2020 was the beginning of Making Footprints as a concept, a freelance arts administration service.

Realising I had got my MA !

Then … March 2020 … suddenly … theatres closed, festivals were cancelled and live events had to be postponed until further notice, as a result of Covid-19. Leaving us asking, what does this mean for the artists, all those working with them, and the wonderful buildings in which plays are staged. It also has us, more than ever, recognising the social connection, emotions, and messages that come from stepping into a theatre, that would be missed.

The social connection & emotion within the theatre is something truly special, and although missed, is not lost. Even during this time.

When theatres closed their physical buildings, the beginning (for some) of the use of lives-streams, and beginning of new ways of engaging with audiences via social media transpired. In addition, the uncertain length of closure has offered artists space to pursue new creative beginnings. After the initial adjustment of this uncertain situation,

new beginnings are seeping through.

Offering reassurances, that certainly in the arts, when there are endings, there are always the creation of beginnings.

Exiting new beginnings can come from the most abrupt endings

The arts clearly have the power to connect. Connecting the artist/artform to the person, connecting the audience with each other, connecting audiences to the place in which the performance takes place and connecting the stories to the world. Regardless of the beginnings and ends that come and go within the arts, there are memories, emotions, connections and relationships that form, and leave an imprint on a person, community of people, place and the planet. This is the essence of what drives Making Footprints. Every day Making Footprints asks what footprint does art leave on the person, people, place and planet and what can we do to increase that footprint.

The arts have the ability to make a footprint on a person, people, place & planet.

There are of course many art forms that have been impacted upon during this time. To all of them Making Footprints wishes them all the best, and looks forward to this time where we connect, connect, connect and form new beginnings.

This is first of hopefully many blogposts that will be a mix of musings (hopefully of interest) and an expression of gratitude to the arts for what it has, does and continues to offer in this everchanging world.

Until next time … MakeYourFootprint X

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